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Referring to Doc Johnson's factory in LA -the biggest sex toy factory in the USA and the company's products (from
You—yes, you—are influencing toy prototypes.
When Braverman sees trends in customer reviews or comments, he and his team will consider changing a toy, or making a whole new one, to meet that demand (in this word-of-mouth industry, it pays to satisfy). For instance, after receiving complaints from women about how vibrating cock rings stop stimulating their clitoris when their partner pulls out during intercourse, Doc Johnson designed a new C-ring with a vibrator that sits parallel (rather than perpendicular) to a guy's shaft, so that his partner gets maximal clitoral contact.

YOUR TAKEAWAY: If a toy is less than thrilling, write a review or contact the company directly. Be specific about the problem or what tweaks would help (as in, "The on/off button would be easier to hit if it were two inches higher").
What would your dream sex toy be? I love my Hitachi magic wand but I wish it could also have a cooling and warming mode on it...

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